Unit embeds Design and Technologies
Unit incorporates Indigenous perspectives

Yeast is yummy and mould is medicinal… In this unit take a closer look at how the growth and survival of these tiny organisms are dependent upon the right conditions, and how humans have harnessed them to help.

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink… Why? Because it’s salt water of course! In this unit, investigate how salinity affects the growth of plants and examine what that may mean for the environment.

What a mess! Someone’s left out frozen milk, smeared melted chocolate around, spilt white crystals everywhere and what’s that smell? Investigate the elements of the mess scene and find out exactly what’s happening!

Electricity - where would we be without it? It powers almost everything we use. But how does an electrical circuit work? Why does it need a switch? How is electricity generated, transferred and transformed?

Investigate energy, how it is created and how it is transferred and transformed and foil the evil plans of Professor Pitch Black and her sidekick Short Circuit!

On average, a volcanic eruption occurs somewhere on Earth each week! Volcanic eruptions are often seen as devastating events, but they are also instrumental in providing rich fertile soils and mineral deposits.

Strong earthquakes can affect millions of lives by causing buildings to collapse, destroying roadways, and affecting basic necessities such as water supply. But did you know that the majority of earthquakes are barely noticed?