Inquiry vs direct instruction: a blog written by Professor Russell Tytler including a list of useful references.

Find out more about the 5E model: Rodger Bybee's (2014) reflections of the 5E instructional model and contemporary implications. 

What is representation construction?: a blog that summarises the approach with useful links to other readings. 

Identifying and monitoring progress of students' collaboration skills: research from ACER

Science and literacy: a link to a Victorian Department of Education and Training page Literacy Toolkit.  

Re-imagining Science Education: a pivotal paper written by Professor Russell Tytler (2007) and published by ACER.  

Strengthening Science Writing and Inquiry

Inquiry and Scientific Explanations

A teacher's perspective on changing pedagogy using Primary Connections

Minds-on, hands-on: Creating competent and confident teachers of science and literacy

Influencing Intended Teaching Practice

Implementation of science based on the 5E learning model

Simulating the Classroom in Initial Teacher Education

Contextualisation caged?

A new approach to primary science and to teacher professional learning

Contemporary research, girls and science  

Focus on girls in STEM: a list of readings recommended by Deakin University researchers working on the Girls in STEM project.

Teachers as researchers  

Focus on STEM research: Deakin University's Science Technology Engineering Mathematics and Environmental Education Research Group (STEME). Find out how to get involved in projects and scroll down to view a video with key messages from Professor Russell Tytler. 


Just for fun: take a short quiz to check if you 'Could blitz Year 10 science'  

Are you curious?: follow this link to view a range of Australian Academy of Science short, engaging articles and videos.