Unit embeds Design and Technologies
Unit incorporates Indigenous perspectives

It's party time! Explore the observable properties of materials and how these properties influence the way a material is used. Design and create a party hat that can be worn in the sun or the rain.

What's the school made of? Explore the observable properties of objects in the school environment. Apply this understanding to design and create an object for the school that can survive outdoors.

Some things can be bent, some things can be stretched, some things can be folded, some things can be cut... How a material can be changed depends on what it’s made of. Explore how everyday materials can be physically changed.

Everyday materials can be changed in a variety of ways, and what’s more ‘everyday’ than food? Explore how heating and cooling creates physical changes to the observable properties of food.

Solids with solids, solids with liquids, liquids with liquids - which can be mixed together? How can the mixtures be used? And once they’re all mixed up, can they be separated again? Explore how materials are combined for different purposes.

Put the ice-blocks in the cupboard and the chocolate in the oven… Wait, what? That doesn’t sound right! Let’s investigate how adding and removing heat can change something from a solid to a liquid and back again, and never accidentally put your chocolate in the oven again!

We are living in a material world, and those materials have a range of physical properties that influence their use. Investigate the properties of things we use everyday and apply understanding to investigate how materials keep things warm.

Everyday, more and more packages are being sent around the world. In the context of design, explore the properties of materials that make them suitable for packaging, and construct a package strong enough to protect a fragile gift.

Solids, liquids, and gases - they are literally everywhere! What are their properties and how do they behave? Explore exactly that in this unit, and take a closer 'look' at air and how temperature can change its properties.

What a mess! Someone’s left out frozen milk, smeared melted chocolate around, spilt white crystals everywhere and what’s that smell? Investigate the elements of the mess scene and find out exactly what’s happening!