Unit embeds Design and Technologies
Unit incorporates Indigenous perspectives

We need them, but do they need us? Delve into the life of plants, look closely at what they need to survive, and how that compares to the needs of animals.

Air, food, water, shelter. This unit explores how animals, including humans, use their senses to find what they need to survive.

It's party time! Explore the observable properties of materials and how these properties influence the way a material is used. Design and create a party hat that can be worn in the sun or the rain.

What's the school made of? Explore the observable properties of objects in the school environment. Apply this understanding to design and create an object for the school that can survive outdoors.

People like to move it, move it. Toys like to move it, move it. How do they move? Which forces make objects move? Explore the factors, including size and shape, that affect how an object moves and look closely at how far objects can roll depending on their shape.

Clouds, temperature changes, wind and rain; explore how the weather and temperature influences our daily decisions, culminating in a weather report at the end of the unit.