Unit embeds Design and Technologies
Unit incorporates Indigenous perspectives

People like to move it, move it. Toys like to move it, move it. How do they move? Which forces make objects move? Explore the factors, including size and shape, that affect how an object moves and look closely at how far objects can roll depending on their shape.

Light and sound are all around us. What produces light and sound? Can you feel sound? Does sound travel through things? Do we need light to see? Are two eyes better than one? Let’s use our senses to explore light and sound.

The dominoes falling pushes the marble… The marble lands in the spoon and raises it… The spoon flips the switch… Ever seen a Rube Goldberg machine in action? In this unit explore the forces of push and pull and apply understanding to design your very own Rube Goldberg machine!

Pushing and pulling, and floating and sinking - how are they related? In this unit learn about the forces of push and pull and how they work in water and in the air.

If I hold something cold in my hands, why does it warm up? Where does the heat come from? And when I turn on the heater, where does the heat actually come from? Investigate how heat is produced, which objects make their own heat, and how heat is transferred.

Can you feel the pull? It’s like an invisible force. It’s magnetic! In this unit, explore magnets and the force fields they create. Investigate what is attracted to magnets and how far a magnetic field extends. Apply understanding to design and create a game that uses magnetic forces.

Every single thing on Earth, living and non-living, can be affected by this external influence. It can change the motion, direction and shape of anything, by direct contact and even from afar! It’s force of course - pushes and pulls! Explore friction, gravity and compare how different sized forces can affect an object.

Light from a source forms shadows and can be absorbed, reflected and refracted. In this unit, conduct investigations that explore these ideas and discover the amazing behaviour of light for yourself.

Electricity - where would we be without it? It powers almost everything we use. But how does an electrical circuit work? Why does it need a switch? How is electricity generated, transferred and transformed?

Investigate energy, how it is created and how it is transferred and transformed and foil the evil plans of Professor Pitch Black and her sidekick Short Circuit!