Unit embeds Design and Technologies
Unit incorporates Indigenous perspectives

Animals grow, change and have offspring similar to themselves… In this unit, watch a mealworm grow and explore how animals grow and change.

Solids with solids, solids with liquids, liquids with liquids - which can be mixed together? How can the mixtures be used? And once they’re all mixed up, can they be separated again? Explore how materials are combined for different purposes.

The dominoes falling pushes the marble… The marble lands in the spoon and raises it… The spoon flips the switch… Ever seen a Rube Goldberg machine in action? In this unit explore the forces of push and pull and apply understanding to design your very own Rube Goldberg machine!

Pushing and pulling, and floating and sinking - how are they related? In this unit learn about the forces of push and pull and how they work in water and in the air.

Inquire about the ways we use one of Earth’s most precious resources - water. Explore the movement of water throughout the school and across a landscape. Investigate use of water in different occupations, and suggest responsible management of water at school and beyond.