Unit embeds Design and Technologies
Unit incorporates Indigenous perspectives

Is it living or not living? Is it a plant or an animal? Explore how we group things together based on their observable features, to help us figure out what everything is!

Put the ice-blocks in the cupboard and the chocolate in the oven… Wait, what? That doesn’t sound right! Let’s investigate how adding and removing heat can change something from a solid to a liquid and back again, and never accidentally put your chocolate in the oven again!

If I hold something cold in my hands, why does it warm up? Where does the heat come from? And when I turn on the heater, where does the heat actually come from? Investigate how heat is produced, which objects make their own heat, and how heat is transferred.

What causes night and day? The rising of the Sun and the Moon are daily reminders of the awe and wonder, beauty and power of the universe. Studying the relationships between the Sun, Earth and Moon helps us understand how we experience day and night on Earth.