Dinosaurs and more addresses the AC Science Understandings ACSSU017 Living things have a variety of external features, and ACSSU211 Living things live in different places where their needs are met, in the context of comparing modern animals with dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs and more provides students with hands-on opportunities to:

  • explore the external features of modern animals
  • compare skeletons of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals with modern animals
  • learn about the protective features of dinosaurs
  • observe and discuss teeth types in humans and other animals
  • label external features of fossilised prehistoric food sources

Students apply their new learning by:

  • designing, making and evaluating a shield inspired by the features that helps dinosaurs defend themselves

Linking science with literacy

In the Primary Connections approach, students are supported to create representations that draw on and strengthen their literacy development. In Dinosaurs and more, students represent and explain their understanding about how living things have a variety of external features and live in different places where their needs are met, by creating these representations:

  • Annotated drawing 
  • Labelled diagram
  • Data table
  • T-chart
  • Word wall