Ecolinc participants working on 5Es card sort

Another successful PD day at Ecolinc!

Published 13 June 2018

Following the buzz created at Ecolinc’s Hands-on STEM workshops in March, PrimaryConnections was delighted to be invited to present at their follow-on event STEM Inquiry Learning Professional Learning Day on 23rd May.

After hearing from the inspiring and transformative maths team from Sunshine College, teachers participated in a range of workshops that stimulated thinking about STEM Education and challenged all to view STEM principles and practices in new and creative ways.

The PrimaryConnections workshops were no exception. Teachers ‘unpacked’ the 5Es teaching and learning model, deepening understanding of how the model, as a practice, supports learning of STEM principles in the context of science.

PrimaryConnections then facilitated the application of this learning by exploring how a unit of science inquiry can be planned using the backward design approach. Teachers considered how their school’s local environments can stimulate and support science inquiry.

Once again we thank Linda Flynn (Director – Ecolinc) and her team of educators for their commitment to teacher professional learning and promoting best practice in science education.

Ecolinc is an established Victoria Department of Education and Training (DET) Specialist Science Centre focussed on delivery of innovative educational programs. This specialised facility is set within a created indigenous grassy/woodland landscape making it a perfect space for learning, especially teacher professional learning and development.

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Teachers working on 5Es Card SortEcolinc Participants deliberating on 5Es Card Sort