Graphic illustrating 15 years with 15 major milestones for Primary Connections


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2003- Starting a new chapter

The Australian Academy of science has a long, proud tradition of supporting science education. Our predecessor, ‘Primary Investigations’ was also developed with Australian primary school teachers and ran from 1992-2002

2004-05- Bringing our first 100 trial teachers together.

2004/05- Publishing our first four units

2006- First knowing that we make a difference

Mark Hackling, Edith Cowan University, and Vaugh Prain, La Trobe University, published a research reports showing that Primary Connections has a strong, positive impact on schools, teachers and students.

“Teachers confidence for teaching science improved significantly.”

2006- Our first awards night

The first four curriculum units and Science background CD won the Primary Science resource at the Educational Publishing Awards Australia. We have since won two more awards for excellence in Primary Science, in 2015 and 2017.

2007- Spreading the word

2007- Launching our Indigenous Perspective Framework.

From Badu island in the Torres Strait to the Wheatbelt of WA, the framework was developed in collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander groups, cultural consultants, Indigenous education and linguistics experts and other stakeholders. It fosters engagement and connectedness with Indigenous students and is a significant acknowledgement of the diversity of perspectives that are the reality of Australian classrooms.

2011- Having our community recognized

“The key to science education in Primary School is motivation- for staff and students. Primary Connections has been fantastic in achieving that.”

2012- Endorsed by Brian Schmidt

Having a Nobel Laureate in Physics support our program in 2012 really made our year. Not just with kind words- he also donated $100,000 of his prize winnings! As with all generous donations to the project, we used it to support teachers across the country with their science teaching.

“This is one of the most effective tools I have seen to hep in teaching science to this age group”

2014- Our biggest single shipment to Vanuatu

2014- Being able to reach far and wide

2015- Developing partnerships to develop new content

2016- Growing an amazing community

Our Professional Learning team have had the privilege to work directly with tens of thousands of Australian teachers to build their confidence and competence in teaching science. 1n 2015, they also started working directly with pre-service teachers thanks to support from the Australian Government.

2017- Three new Government funded units

2018- Upgrading our website.