Circuits and Switches Unit Cover

Circuits and switches

Year 6
Physical sciences

Access to safe, reliable electrical power has revolutionised our lives in countless ways. With a flick of a switch we complete a circuit, allowing electrical energy to be transferred and transformed into light in our lamps and televisions, heat in our toasters and electric blankets, sound in our radios, and motion in our dishwashers and blenders.

The Circuits and switches unit is an ideal way to link science with literacy in the classroom. Through hands-on investigations, students explore simple circuits and their components, including batteries, bulbs and switches to explain how a torch works. They discuss sources of electrical energy, and plan, make and appraise a model incorporating an electrical circuit with a switch.

Note: Circuits and switches is the new unit that replaces It's electrifying. A digital version of It's electrifying is available free for educational, non-commercial use by Australian educators through the National Digital Learning Resources Network ( or your local jurisdictional portal.

Circuits and switches completely aligns to the Australian Curriculum: Science v8.3. Changes include:  

  • Removal of the observation of the incandescent light glove that are hard to source
  • Inclusion of identifying types of energy, their transfer and transformation in circuits
  • Further exploration of different types of circuit scenarios and other electrical components e.g. buzzers
  • An improved model for explaining how a circuit works
  • A stronger Design and Technologies focus.

Useful websites

Energizer Learning Centre Comprehensive information on how batteries work, the history of batteries, battery care and how flashlights work.

Electric Circuits – An Interactive E-Learning Website An Interactive E-Learning Website designed to extend the knowledge and understanding of electricity and electric circuits of 7 - 11 yr olds.

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits An interactive flash game for up to five players including information, a hands-on exploration task and a quiz for different aspects of electricity and circuits.

Crocodile clips Provides flexible, easy-to-use modelling software for schools and colleges.


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