Our Team

Executive Director: Claudette Bateup 

Director of Funded Projects: Shelley Peers

Professional Learning Director: Angela Gigliotti 

Principal Curriculum Consultant: Kathryn Carter

Managing Editor: Amy Stoneham

Senior Curriculum Writer and Presenter: Nicole McAlester

Senior Curriculum Writer: Julie Smith

Graphic Designer: Sharyn Raggett

Project Officer, Funded Projects: Hristina Milenkovska

Workshop Facilitator, Professional Learning: Nicola Dziadkiewicz

Professional Learning Coordinator: Victoria Scharf

Administration Officer: Nicholas Dunn


Primary Connections team - Nick Dunn, Shelley Peers, Angela Gigliotti, Nicola Dziadkiewicz, Claudette Bateup, Victoria Shark, Sharyn Raggett, Amy Stoneham, Hristiana Milenkovska, Nicole Sherman, Julie Smith